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Sustainable urban mobility plan of Szeged

Driven by its commitment to sustainability, the Local Government of Szeged has decided to create a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) to lay the foundations for the objectives and measures aimed at the development of transportation in the period between 2017 and 2030.

The document is intended to contribute to the synthesis of Szeged’s existing plans for urban development and those for the development of transportation. It offers sustainable and integrated solutions for the transportation problems of the city, thus contributing to the realisation of the objectives of climate protection and energy efficiency.
This Mobility Plan has been developed by a planning methodology that is based on the best international practices and, at the same time, it is integrated into the Hungarian professional context and adjusted to local circumstances. Compared to existing practices in transportation planning, the Mobility Plan takes a more people-oriented approach, and it lays more emphasis on the involvement of the public and various groups of stakeholders, as well as the reconciliation of different policies. It intends to break away from the one-sided approach of traditional professional policies in order to create a comprehensive approach to issues of mobility.

Sustainable urban mobility plan of Szeged​

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