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EU member states adopted the new rules for CO2 emissions standards

The EU member states adopted the new rules for CO2 emissions standards for cars and vans following an agreement between the EU Presidency and the parliament. Tackling emissions of cars and vans is directed to almost three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions in the road transport sector.

Based on the emission levels of 2021, newly registered cars need to provide on average 37.5 % less CO2 emissions by 2030 and vans respectively 31 % less. In an intermediate step, both vehicles groups need to reach the target value of 15 % fewer emissions by 2025. The values are the overall targets for the entire new registered fleets EU-wide and will be distributed amongst cars and vans producers according to their vehicle fleet shares. Manufacturers can gain less strict CO2 targets if they meet a defined level of sales in the category of zero- and low-emission vehicles (such as fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles). Levels are at 15 % of sales for cars and vans by 2025 and 35 % cars respectively 30 % vans by 2030.

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