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Modena, Italy


Central Europe




12.1. Analyse successes and failures


City of Modena with over 183000 inhabitants is the largest city in the Province of Modena and lies in the centre of Po valley and is also a part of administrative region of northern Italy called Emilia-Romagna region which is one of the richest and most developed regions in Italy. Modena has made a final SUMP version.

Activity description

The services Prontobus has been activated by the Agency of Mobility of Modena and in concert with the municipalities involved since 2003 has enabled on-call services in different areas of the province of Modena, in particular in the municipalities of Pavullo, Carpi, Modena, Mirandola, Maranello, Serramazzoni, Castelfranco and Fiorano. Prontobus offers a high-quality public transport service, closer to the need of users, thanks to the customization, the duration and the comfort of the trip that must not be greater than 30 minutes and is performed with small and ecological buses, equipped with devices for transporting disabled people. The main aim of Prontobus is to support to the line buses linking different areas with a low populated area, and then at a low transport demand, with the main cities and the regular line stops. Without this service that routes are not covered because the traditional service would be too expensive and economically unsustainable.

Lessons learnt

This experience is very important because it was transferred in several cities with different regulations, for this reason the best practice already has a lot of opportunities to be transferred.


The service network consists of a series of collecting points coincident with bus stops already existing, or bus stop for school-buses if new points for Prontobus are required, they should be allowed after inspection, by authorities. The cost per km of flexible service is higher than the traditional service, but the total cost of a flexible service is lower of the cost on a traditional service with the same coverage of area and time.