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Dresden was named one of the three finalists in the 7th European SUMP Award

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Step 12: Review and learn lessons

Activity description

Facilitating multimodal transport, called “multimobility” by the city in its communication with residents, is a key component of Dresden’s SUMP. The flagship communication campaign led by the city administration is called “Multimobil. For you. For Dresden.” To facilitate the combination of different transport modes within one trip, Dresden is now introducing a network of 76 intermodal mobility hubs. The first “MOBI” mobility hub opened at the occasion of the 2018 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK. “MOBIs” are central places where public transport offers meet bike-sharing, car-sharing and e-charging.Transport information will be provided in real-time and for all transport services. Ultimately, such an improved offer shall make alternatives to the privately-owned car a reality for more people, contribute to a decrease of emissions and better use of urban space.

Lessons learned

As Dresden already managed to reach many of its targets, one of the next challenge of the city will be to continue planning for mobility in order to reach even more ambitious targets. To achieve this goal, the city of Dresden wants to seize the opportunity given by the digitalisation of transport. For instance, the local authority plans to develop a Multimodal App which will integrates information, booking and ticketing solutions for public transport, car-sharing, bike-sharing, electric charging and parking.

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