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Take a brake! Project

Take a brake! (source: University North)




Central Europe


Small City


Safety and urban mobility


Step 4: Build and jointly assess scenarios

Activity description

Project Take a brake! aims, bringing together Swiss experiences and best practices, to bring together all road users, decision makers, professionals, students, police, parents, educators, the wider community and children to think together and develop safe transport solutions.
In 20 months, three models of traffic intervention will be developed in these areas, in locations critical for children, focus groups (world cafes) with citizens and key stakeholders will be organized, innovative tools for active education of children will be developed, parents will be educated as well as teachers.
Students of University North in Koprivnica, together with professors, will design solutions to increase traffic safety in Koprivnica, Zaprešić and the municipality of Bale, based on what they saw on a study trip to Switzerland.
The general goal of the Take a brake project is to improve social development at the local level through cooperation and partnership between Croatian and Swiss institutions of public health, police and education, local and regional self-government units and civil society organizations in the field of traffic safety.
The project aims to improve the well-being and safety of children and increase their physical activity (and less use of parental vehicles) by reducing risk exposure while walking or cycling and rethinking a child-friendly traffic environment.

Lessons learned

At the end of the workshops, the moderators summarized everything they learned and highlighted the most commented problematic points in the traffic of these cities as well as the problematic behavior of traffic participants. After the moderator’s presentation, the participants jointly commented on the conclusions, eagerly awaiting the development of the entire project and the implementation of a new model, which they also helped to achieve.

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