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REACHIE is a powerful online journey planner comparing modes per trip by isochrones and visualises routes according to its level of accessibility with respect to the starting point. The City of Leipzig, Central German Transport Association (MDV), Leipzig Transport Company (LVB), and Targomo GmbH developed a open sourced mobility information system to promote using more sustainable modes among commuters. The tool is an excellent option for commuters to plan their trips and gain insight on how accessible their workplace is using different transport modes. It also helps enable residents’ rights to reaching kindergartens within 30mins. 

The REACHIE tool was chiefly developed within NUTS subregion 3 DED52 & improved in partnering countries of the LOW-CARB project. The Leipzig pilot region faces a mobility scenario (common to many Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) in central Europe (CE)) which has reduced access to the PT network situated in remote industrial parts of a FUA. Regions that face this issue are benefitted by the functions of REACHIE since it has the potential to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by commuters who shift their mode of transport to sustainable PT offers. Furthermore, improved user awareness of PT routes and connections could help curve the complexity needed of bus feeder systems to these areas, thereby increasing operation frequencies if the demand for commonly used routes increase.

REACHIE is available at: