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SUMP Self-Assessment Tool

If you are looking for improving mobility planning in your city, this tool will help.

The SUMP Self-Assessment Tool (SSAT), co-developed with CIVITAS SUMPs-Up, is a diagnostic online survey for municipalities and Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) to assess how closely their strategic mobility planning is related to approaches of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), whether they have a SUMP or not. After completion of the 30-45 questions (depending on each region’s mobility situation) an assessment on the quality of the strategic mobility plan and an evaluation of general planning activities is deduced. Following this, catered guidance, resources and suggestions are offered for the unique mobility context and region’s needs. The tool is simply accessed online via an internet browser.

The SSAT was developed for Europe with input from partners of the LOW-CARB project. Their roles were to help fit the tool to the specific needs of Functional Urban Areas of central Europe (CE) where SUMPs are not yet widely adopted. They were also responsible for translating the tool into several programme area languages.

The SUMP Self-Assessment helps you to evaluate and improve mobility planning in your city or functional urban area. This tool is available in all CE languages. The SUMP Self-Assessment consists of eight sections that are directly related to the SUMP principles and roughly follow the order of a planning process.

To access SUMP Self-Assessment Tool, click on the following link: